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Our Services

All General Steel Fabrications

Our high-quality, superior steel constructions are used both inside and outside of residential properties, industrial estates and commercial premises. From design to the last coat, we work hard to craft bespoke pieces or produce industrial bulk fabrications to specification.

Full range of security fencing available

Finial heads are the perfect way to achieve a unique, stylised look to enhance the aesthetics of vertical steel bar fencing. We can construct the fencing as a whole, or just the finial heads.

On Site Diamond Drilling Service

Our precision diamond drills can be brought into construction sites in order to cut materials, such as concrete, in a clean and accurate manner.

Full Gate Automation Service Available

We have the capabilities to design, produce and install automated steel sliding gates; whether it's a specific design to suit a house, or to enhance security of a commercial facility.

All products can be supplied to suit any design and specification.

We are pleased to offer our customers a complete service from the initial
design of any product through to manufacture and site installation.

Products available complete with a variety of finishes


Applying protective zinc coating to staircases, ladders, walkways, building frameworks and more to prevent rusting and future corrosion. We do this either through 'hot-dip' galvanizing, by submerging mobile steel parts in a molten zinc bath, or by 'cold-dip' galvanizing immobile steel structures with a zinc-rich paint.

Polyester Powder coated

We can blast and powder coat new or existing steel fabrications to enhance their features. This process is the perfect way to help the prosperity and retention of gloss and/or colours on metal products such as window fittings, fencing, railings and gates.

Site Finish Painted

Our expertise in the application of paint and coats on-site to existing steel structures ensures that the right type of paint is used, the ideal number of coats are applied and the correct consistency is achieved to ensure aesthetics are retained in the long-term.

Our Products